Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog Blog Blog....this is my first blog!

Hello, everyone, this is new stuff to me, so please be patient. My name is Jackie Hendricks, I am a primitive folk art doll maker, and crafter. Right now I am working on a new Izannah Walker doll. Making dolls is a joy with in its own right, but is time consuming. This is a Monday, so I am hoping for a wonderful rest of the day for everyone!!!!!!


Annie said...

She is amazing! I think her face is just perfect!


Dawn said...

Well Jackie I made it back to your 1st post. On the way I have seen balls and marbles, trays and jugs, pictures of your beautiful family, read your words describing your dolls and your life.
It is a lovely blog and your dolls? Wow they are brilliant - I have never seen these type of dolls before and think that they are so fabulous.... your attention to detail, and the love you put into creating them really shows...
I love the little case with Red Riding Hood.
I can imagine sitting chatting to you on your porch - you seem to have a happy life - may you always do so xxx

p.s. my neighbour made me a stand to store my paints upside down... the paint is there where you want it (just get holes cut to the size of the lid so they fit without falling over) Thanks for visiting x