Thursday, August 16, 2007


Hello my name is Jackie and I am a collectoholic...Hehe...You know you have a collecting problem when a visitor comes to your home and spends more time looking at stuff than talking... not that i have much to talk about. Haha...Collections, what are they? A group of more than one similiar item? Well here is my favorite set of Mini pin bookends, and theyre pretty good bedwarmers,too. Just teezin' !They are my precious pups, not objects. Back to collecting tho...I have an obsession with creamers and pitchers of all types! They are scattered through out my house. I also collect rubber bouncing balls, Dice, Marbles and glass bottle corks and I know there are others out there who collect these items also,
Balls,Dice,Buttons,marbles and Glass stoppers

because i see bids on them on Ebay. I can't forget buttons, I have a whole mess of those buggers, but i use them for making my cloth dolls.

I have also had an obsession with diecast cars for years, i think maybe this is were my anxiety attacks came from, my step dad would beat me to the stores and get all the Treasure Hunts every time, so if you are a Hotwheels collector you know what i mean! I also collect these darling little Tootsie Toys and Micro machines... I have 2300 Hotwheels, this is were the sickness comes in eh?, This is only the ones in packages still. Tootsie and micro machines

Toleware trays

My latest obsession is Toleware Trays and I have a small home...gosh, whats a girls to do? I know, get rid of some stuff!!!! These are not my only collctions but they are my favorites. This is my most favorite find of all time...I picked this old thing up in 1989...Hehehe... My hub Keith, he is not a possession either, but i sure love him!

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a beautiful day,





CARole said...

I love seeing what other people collect. isn't it fun? i wrote in my blog a while back about collections too. come on over and see. Cute hubby. ALSO! i want to say thank you for mentioning that caroles country store is yummy!!!!! Sweet of you. Hmm, i might just have something you might be interested in very soon.

Suzanne said...

Look at all of your collections! Wow! I love them. We started an "I Spy" jar, (as in the children's books), when we moved in and started remodeling the house. We've found some really neat things, even an old die cast truck in the yard!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

That is such a good Idea!!! And how fun!!!

Ooh Carole, I am going to have to keep an eye open!!!