Thursday, August 30, 2007

I have been Tagged...

Thanks to Blondie of for tagging me for this self reflective game. You are supposed to share your middle name with the world of bloggers and then use those letters as a sort of acronym which describes you. I think I have that correct. Here goes.
My middle name is Roberta...ewww!
R- I am rational, not when i was younger, tho.
O-I am 40 lbs over weight, and I think its here to stay.
B- I am ...blogging, with a little help from my friends!
E- I am elated that Blondie nominated me for this Hehe...
R- When it comes to art, I am in a huge rut right now, and its driving me batty!
T- I am always a fault, open mouth insert foot often!
A- Artistic on good days
Phewww that was hard, I dont have wonderful words of wisdom like most gals, i truly am plain and simple, i guess that way i wont blow a brain gasket when i over think things. Hehe
Now for the best part, I know that these girls have probably already been picked but here goes...
Michie of Mykai Creations
Nena from Nannys cottage
Pea from Pea Pickers Prims
Angie from Love the prim Look
Sher from Sympletymes

Have fun girls!!!


Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hey there J-O! i really enjoyed those little revalations of you. You had a LONG middle name. Better you than me! Big hugs to one of my all time favorite artists.

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Howdy!! Jackie my sweet friend
OooOh how I LOVE your dolls wowzer girl!!It is my dream to own one of your creations!! Thank You for tagging me..Hugs to you Sher

Mom2fur said...

I think Roberta is a nice name! If it was a first name, you could be a Bobbie. And it's nice to hear there's someone else who's extra 40 lbs. is 'here to stay,' LOL!

Mykai Creations said...

O M G My own kids do not know my middle name...LMAO but that was cute..