Saturday, October 4, 2008

Izannah Walker Cage Doll

Hello everyone in Blog land, I wanted to share with you my Izannah Walker Cage doll, and my slow progress. I appologize that she wont be ready for the CWT Doll Challenge, as I have been working long hours at work. Here is the painted top portion of Izannah Cage doll, not sure if i am going to make simply primitive or dress her, i am somewhat leaning toward the primi side of things? Let me know what you think so far.

Many Best Witches to you all,

Izannah Walker Cage Doll


Dixie Redmond said...

No criticism here. Your Izzy head sculpts are so wonderful!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh Dixie,
You are always too kind!! Heres a big old hugs for you from me!!!!!!

Lone Pierette said...

Jackie she is simply wonderful ! Can´t wait to see her finished !
hugs Lone

Atticbabys said...

So far so perfect Jackie!
Cannot wait to see her!

maija said...

Looks amazing so far!

Bee said...

Oh, Jackie -- she is DIVINE !!! You astound me more and more with each new creation -- you are a big bundle of God-inspired talent, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Love ya ~ Bee

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Oh Thank You ladies!!!!!!!!!
: )

Many Hugs and well wishes to you all,
Please forgive me, i havent been on as much as i should be.

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Jackie she is beautiful as is !!!!
Just fabulous!!

Ayala Art said...

What a great WIP!! I love your doll! I'm a new fan :oD