Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here is my new sculpt

Here are the dress colors i chose for this doll. Its an old fabric, but not sure how old? Anyone who knows fabric and how to date it, please let me know. She still has shine, but i havent applied fixative yet, and i am using my old camera.
 I hope every mom had a Beautiful Mothers day!!!!

Bess's Underskirt, but looks as though i am going to rework the waist band and length. I love this pattern on this old hand towel, its so peaceful!

My fix and I created a new probem...aah progress!
thought i'd share what i am working on, I worked on it a bit last night, I am thinking i gave her too much cheeks? I like to post pics here to see where the problem areas are on the sculpt. Last week, i had forgotten her ears, but now she has audio!!!? For those of youy who know me, i always have issues with paint large lips, so i try to over compensate and make a whisp of a mouth, well I fixed it...this sweetie has normal lips , now!
 Many Hugs,


a painter said...

I think she will be adorable. How you paint her will determine how "cheeky" she looks!

Esteemarlu said...

Jackie how can I get a hold of you? Where can i look at your dolls for purchase/

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Jackie, your sculpts are always perfect! I can't wait to see her finished!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Thank You Helen, I am sure you are right on that point! : D
Robin, Yours are to die for!!!!! And thats a fact!!!!!!! : D

Esteemarlu said...

Jackie please let me know of your auctions. I will have fun in NY. :)

Margarita said...

Hi Jackie! I think you have a very good hand at sculpting. All of us have a "dominant" side of the brain, I see you are right handed, if you see the head, the left side of the doll (the right in the picture) is more round, the curve runs from the cheek to the chin. The other side looks more "slender", not to chubby. The question here is which side are you going to choose, so you can make them even. A good trick for checking those details is seeing the head upside down, and reflected in a mirror.
Lots of hugs!

bonaventurka said...

I like it very much! I think these chiks are beautiful!