Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello, so sorry i have been abusing my bloggie...I have been on the road for a short is a pic of a dollie i've been working on (waiting on more clay cause she still needs more forehead ) and a pic of part of my family...we had so much fun, if you will notice, I am the only one w/ a HUGE floatation Jacket, That said "HANSOME" on the back....hehe i would show you a pic of us in Reno, Nevada but , well we were in a casino, and the smoke was thick...hehe had fun there , as well, with my Mom and Chuck.
  I hope everyone is staying cool and out of trouble, haha i cant imagine us doll maker collectors in any trouble , can you?
Dont forget to smile, and make something gorgeous!!!
Many Hugs,

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Olga Garbuz said...

ООО , идеальная голова куклы! потрясающе !