Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello everyone, just a short note on my slow progress..., This dollie is finally getting dressed! I have chose this beautiful old floral cotton weave, which i had those might be too overwhelming in thickness and color, but I guess not. I sure hope everyone on the East Coast of the USA are safe and sound in their warm beds, with their old fashioned bed warmers and a fire in the fireplace...or perhaps something more modern, but anyway, safe and sound and warm. I did final get my mold done, and its fabulous, but not using it yet for my actual dollies, as i want to try making dolls the old school way, like Izannah herself did. Here is a pic of the fabric on the doll, but not exactly how the dress is right now.
 Many Hugs,


The Stitch Fiddler said...

She's beautiful Jackie. I love your work. The dress colors are lovely too! Can't wait to see her done.

Martha said...

Jackie, the doll and dress are very pretty. I like them alot. Iknew you would succeed in your mold making. Good job.

AngelMc said...

Wow. She is amazing.