Saturday, July 25, 2009

Progress on Little Ruby Riding Hood

The doll challenge for CWT (Coffee With Tea) is "Little Red Rides again"! I made an Izannah Walker style doll named Ruby. She is now listed on Ebay, please click the link to the right and check her out, and please dont forget to check out the other AWESOME challenge dolls by CWT!!!!
Hope all are having a wonderful time in this warm summer heat!
If you'll notice, Ruby doesnt have an overly shiney face anymore!
Many Hugs,


a painter said...

I am sure your photos do not do her justice--she is a REAL BEAUTY! Good luck with her! Have you thought about photographing her outdoors?

Atticbabys said...

OMG Jackie she is so adorable!!! Another amazing IW made from your talented hands.
(email me back if you wanna know how I "lose the shine")
big Hug,

Julie said...

I Think your Ruby is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
(Probably none of my business, but I use a matte sealer and that really does take away the shine.)
I love your work!!!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Have you tried spraying her with a matte fixative? That will leave a slight sheen that soon disappears. I use it all the time.

She's gorgeous, by the way, and her cape is fantastic!

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Julie and Robin I have some fixitive and will give it a try. Thank You so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Helen Thank You!!!!! I am going to take pics at about 5:00 the sun is just right at that time. Nan, I am dying to hear from you, i am wondering if its the same as Julie and Robin has mentioned.

Prim's by Kim said...


Plain-n-Simple! said...

Ooh Thank You Kim!!!!!! Hope all is well with you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!

Doreen said...

WOW Jackie..she's wonderful..gosh you always amaze me with your talent :)

Hugs, D

Plain-n-Simple! said...

Right back at all you gals here!!!!!! Thank You Mrs. Doreen!!!!
Many Hugs,
: D